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Asbury Academy's Field Trips for 2012-2013

We will update field trip information as needed so please visit this page now and then. For a list of
Alabama Homeschooling group Field Trips


Why Field Trips?

When I was a kid, I lived for school field trips. Going to the zoo, going to the Scholastic Books factory (Ohio), going to White Sands (New Mexico) were some of the more memorable trips. Educators now know that field trips play an important role in reaching the interest of children as well as putting into context what is being taught in the classroom.

Field Trips Are Important!

Happily homeschooling parents can fit many many more field trips into their child's education. Asbury Academy offers monthly (and sometimes more) trips for parents and children. Below are just a few photos to show you what we do in a year.

  A Day outdoors

Asbury Academy students having a science class in Big Canoe Creek 
Asbury Academy students studying water ecology

canoeing Big Canoe Creek

Asbury Academy students volunteering for an APTV shoot as well as canoeing.

Asbury Academy Field Trip

An afternoon at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Alabama Homeschooling group Field Trips

   If you are new to homeschooling or are looking for a new homeschooling group, please contact our director, Beth O'Donnell, for information.

Beth O'Donnell